At Inspire & Play, we focus on nature and nurture, following the Reggio Emilia Approach to early learning, where children are the key decision-makers in their education. This approach emphasises cooperation amongst other children and educators, self-expression, creativity, and develops a child’s sense of respect for the natural world.

Our educators will ensure children are given the right opportunities and support to develop proficiently in all key learning areas. Children will be the leaders of their education, educators will draw ideas from their understanding of the children’s needs and allow time for open-ended, and child-led play.

Our centre is a nurturing community, a safe space for children and their parents to voice their opinions and participate in centre activities. Our centre supports the local community, working with local supermarkets and vendors to produce the children’s meals.

Sustainable practices are a key focus for the centre, teaching children about recycling and making use of sustainable materials in everyday centre activities and children’s playtime.

We are Taking Expressions of Interest

Inspire & Play is currently taking expressions of interest, if you are looking for a childcare centre that takes a child-centred approach to learning we are the centre for you.