What makes Inspire & Play so good!

Inspire & Play is a childcare centre that is planning to open in Melbourne, mid-2021. Our centre focuses on play-based learning, with high incorporation of child-led and open-ended play, inspiring children to grow freely. Our centre will have dedicated and professional educators that will be devoted to your child’s growth and development while nurturing their independence.


Our vision for Inspire & Play is for children to experience play in its most natural form, allowing them to grow and develop in a space that supports them and their needs holistically.


Our mission is to provide children with a natural environment for growth in every aspect of their development. We provide a space for them to grow naturally, at their own pace, with gentle support and guidance from the educators, providing large natural playscapes and materials to explore daily.

We are Taking Expressions of Interest

Inspire & Play is currently taking expressions of interest, if you are looking for a childcare centre that takes a child-centred approach to learning we are the centre for you.